Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello star wars fans, I would like introduce you to DARTH DADDY. Darth daddy became involved in the star wars customizing community when his son elias asked him to make him some star wars custom action figures. He created two of the action figures that elias had drawn throughout the years and when he completed them, elias aked him to assist him in creating a star wars customizing blog. Darth daddy now works with elias to create STAR WARS:CUSTOMS FOR THE KID where he works as an editor,a cuustomizer, and putting together video slide shows that promote the work of numerous star wars artist throughout the customizing community. Darth daddy customs have been featured on the front page of YAKFACE.COM,IMPERIALSHIPYARDS.NET,and on the web show KESSEL RUN REVIEW hosted by WOOKIELOVER1138. I think its great that a father & son can share their love for star wars together & keep star wars going for generations to come! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!