Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello star wars fans,i would like introduce you to elias. Elias is a 7 year old customizer who founded the blog http://www.customsforthekid.blogspot.com/ when he was just 6 years old. Elias features the work of several star wars customizers,the work of his father.DARTH DADDY,as well as his own star wars customs. At 7 years old he has already had his work featured twice on the front page of the star wars website IMPERIALSHIPYARDS.NET, and has been interviewed on the podcast CUSTOM ACTION FIGURE NEWS. He has been a star wars fan since the age of 3 and his love of the star wars galaxy has grown with time. Elias not only post his action figures at his blog,but he also posts his star wars drawings too. So head on over to his blog or check him out on the yards,but i must tell you this one customizer to keep your eye on! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!   NOTE: DARTH DADDY painted the arms and necks of the THOLOTHIAN FEMALE and the QIRAASH FEMALE JEDI for elias at his request so the paint stayed in the lines better.

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