Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hello star wars fans, i would like to bring your attention to very special young star wars action figure collector named eli. Eli is madly passionate about all things star wars. He's an outgoing little guy with a great big smile. Eli has been diagnosed with a rare life-treatening disease called severe aplastic anemia, a disease of the bone marrow. It effects immune system making it difficult for him to be out in public. You can imagine how this makes it hard for eli to get out and do simple everyday things like shop for star wars toys. If you would like to donate any star wars toys to eli, please mail them to the following address             ACTION FIGURE EMPIRE 114 OAK STREET APT.D MAYBROOK,NY 12543   MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT HTTP://ACTIONFIGUREEMPIRE.BLOGSPOT.COM/  & IMPERIALSHIPYARDS.NET  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

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