Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello star wars fans, I would like to introduce you to DARTH OPTIMUS. Michael (DARTH OPTIMUS) hails from texas. His name reflects his love of both star wars & transformers. Michael works in the animal care field and is married with two children. He has been customizing off & on for 12 years....more so in the last two than in the last ten. He started out painting Battle Tech minis and progressed to making custom figs from Toy Biz X-men figs (remember those?). Michael next went to transformers and completed probably two dozen figures....including a team of Junkions. Most recently he made the transition to Star Wars figures due to swappability with the different 3 3/4" well as the possibility to do vehicles. Here is just a sample of his work you see more @ you can find him under the same name enjoy!!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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