Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello star wars fans, This weeks first featured customizer is ELIAS. Elias is a 7 year old that has a very bright future in the hobby of customizing and when you view his latest custom you will see why. Elias's custom GEONOSIAN JEDI was created using very little paint he used the skirt of a CW Eeth Koth, GEONOSIAN DRONE figure from the TARGET 2- PACK, jedi robe from a CW SHAAK-TI figure and the hilts from a G.I JOE STORM SHADOW. Elias only had to paint the jewel blue on the waist covering and with a little help from dad & an exacto knife it was completed. More of ELIAS work can be viewed at his blog @ CUSTOMS FOR THE KID or IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!

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