Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello star wars fans, i would to introduce you to David. David is still trying to figure out the collecting and converting thing, but says he is doing "ok". Married for the last 8 years to his great wife that allows him to spend loads of cash on his hobbies and act like an oversized child of 40 years.... but he's sure that fills her need to mother something. David was only 7 years old when the original star wars film came out and became an instant fan, but until recently he has been out of the collecting game and has started back up with a few of the clone wars figures. He finds this line of figures appealing because the cartoonish nature of them is reminiscent of the original figures he had collected growing up. You can see more of davids awesome customs at his blog HTTP://BOTWTSWFIGURES.WORDPRESS.COM/  or IMPERIALSHIPYARDS.NET here is just a sample of his work enjoy!!!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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