Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello star wars fans, I would like to introduce you to SPOOKYMUFU a 41 year old customizer from south texas. He has been a fan since he was a kid and saw all 3 original star wars films in the drive-in theater. He started collecting figures during the POTF and POTJ era but stopped around 1997 or so when his first son came along. He resumed collecting in 2009 with the legacy collection and since then have bought many figures from past to current vintage line. He used to build scale models of all sorts but now has taking up diorama building and has created a hoth diorama to fit into his shelving unit where his collection currently resides. Here is just a sample of his hoth diorama for more pics head on over to IMPERIALSHIPYARDS.NET where you see more this awesome diorama you find him under the name SPOOKYMUFU. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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